How to make your app start with windows?

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I've looked and haven't found a way to tell the installer to set the installed software to start with Windows. I'm VERY new at this. I just downloaded the software tonight and already have a great setup made. You guys who make this software are great!

If anyone knows how to do this, would you please let me know? I'm guessing it's pretty easy. I just don't know where to find the right tweaks.

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you need to create registry entries. Please refer to the following article:
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Thanks for the link. Not much help though. I did get it to work and I'll share what values need to be where.

Root Key:

Sub key:

Value Name: (whatever name you want the key to be)
My Program Name

Value Data:
C:\Program Files (x86)\My_Company\My_Software\My_Software.exe
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I'm trying to do the same thing and have used the same parameters that you posted but it doesn't work. I basically want to add a shortcut of the app to the StartUp folder so the app will launch automatically on start-up. But there isn't an option to add a short-cut to the Start-Up folder.
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I created a shortcut to my app on my windows 10 machine that points to the app in programfiles(x86).
I created a shortcut to my app on my windows XP machine that points to the app in program files

I added these shortcuts to my setup to install in the app directory named MyApp shortcut.lnk, and MyApp shortcutXP.lnk.

When the user selects the option to start with windows, my app looks to see if the Windows startup folder for windows 10 exists. If so then it will copy the MyApp Shortcut.lnk to startup folder. If Windows 10 startup folder does not exist it checks for the XP startup folder. If this XP startup folder exist then it will copy the MyApp shortcutXP.lnk to the XP startup folder. If the user chooses not to start with windows, then it will check the startup locations and delete the Shortcut Links.

I didn't mess with the registry, however it may be easier. I may check on it though. The way I did it works for me.
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