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I'm developing a piece of Windows software that interfaces with a hardware device. I've just InstallForge for the application itself it's been great: easy to use and works well.

The interface with the PC is via a virtual serial port. We're actually using an FTDI chip which allows us to use a special API so that our device doesn't appears a (for example) COM7 but to do this we need to modify, resign and distribute the drivers. I've done this and so now I have a .inf file and a signed catalogue and some .dlls.

Is it possible to install this device driver using InstallForge?

I'm finding the MS documentation confusing - it talks about using particular APIs but it seems odd that every device driver would have to provided a custom installer program.

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you can do this using the Commands feature of InstallForge. You have to install the driver using cmd. Please refer to ... le_rich_qa for more information.
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