Graphical bug : can see only top of text (workaround provided)

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Windows 10
Screen resolution : 3840 x 2160

First, have a look at installForge's UI :

- On the left, you have a blue panel/vertical bar that mimics Windows XP's File Explorer's left panel
- Inside that panel, you have several "cards" that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the little arrows. Such cards are : "Setup", "Dialog", etc.
- Each of these collapsible cards contains several entries, such as : "Files", "Visual", "uninst", etc.

Problem :
On my display, the text in those entries is truncated. The bottom is cut. As if the height of the label was insufficient to contain the entire height of the font. I can see only the upper half of the text.
It's the same for every entry: I see only the upper part of "Files", the upper part of "Visual", the upper part of "Uninst", etc.

Troubleshooting :
- I tried as admin
- I've tried changing the "DPI settings" in the compatibility options of Windows 10. It changes the size of the text and icons everywhere in InstallForge's window successfully and every proportion is rescaled successfully... But the issue remains. The rescaled proportions keep truncating the text because the label's height is still insufficient.
- I have an intuition that it comes from laptops' screens ratio : 16:9 or 4:3 or something. I didn't have issues when I plugged an external screen, however that was with the previous version, I don't have a possibility to test with this version.
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I should add that it's not just slightly truncated, it's missing two thirds of the text's bottom. It's almost unreadable.
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I've found the root cause : It is indeed InstallForge not reacting very well to Windows 10's automated upscaling for very high resolution screens.

Here is how to reproduce :
- Go to Windows 10 's settings --> Ease of access
- Under the "Display" section, something is called "Make everything bigger".
- My setting is "250% (recommended)". When I leave this default setting, the issue occurs (as described in the first post). When I change it to "100%", then InstallForge looks fine (text not truncated)
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Hello jeancallisti,

thanks for your detailed report; much appreciated!

We are aware of the issue you described. The blue panel on the left (also referred as to XP Explorer Bar) is part of a GUI third-party library which does not support high DPI scaling. We are in touch with the library vendor and trying to find an appropriate solution.
Best regards,
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