Issues with relative path, and Radio Buttons

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Hello everybody! First of all, sorry in advance for the (might be) complicated issue, I'm trying hard since 1 week without a decent result.

One thing I'd like to say as an introduction is that I am an almost total "code ignorant".
I find easy to get into the "artistic" side of things (Drawing, 3D modeling, music and such) but when I see a line of code, my brain literally gets stuck :D
I tried my best using some help from a couple friends, but none of them has ever seen InstallForge, so as a last resort, I am writing here.

Let's get to the spine of the whole situation.

I am developing a freeware game addon for a flight simulator, and I'd like this addon to find out the right folder to install itself to, since many flight simmers are from the Old Guard, and many aren't keen in opening the Developer Mode just to find out where their "Mods" folder might actually be.

What I want to achieve, is an installer that gives you 2 Radio Checkboxes.
-Steam Edition
-MS Store / Gamepass Edition
Now the tricky part. Once the user has made his choice, the installer should:

-Browse (based on the choice) to one of these folders:

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C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator
, and open

-Open one file inside that folder (UserCfg.opt) and search for a string

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InstalledPackagesPath "C:\Users\********\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages
-Store the information as a default installation path ADDING, at the end of the line "\community" (without quotes)

I am sorry for being this precise and demanding, but I saw a lot of talent going on here, and I can't see better place than the original community's forum to find the right answer to my issue. I tried digging through the Forums but, being the issue itself this articulated it's difficult, when you know nothing about programming, to gather informationa and put them together into exactly what you wanted.

Thanks in advance, and take care.

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