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is there a way to add a license agreement per installation language? That would be really helpful as per European law if a user selects French, they must get contracts/license agreement in French, if they select German, the documents must be German aso.

Edit: An option would be to be able to add txt or other files to you package files with a preset name for each language (e.g. eulatxt = agreement_de.txt in German.ifl). So the user just needs to add files with that name containing his terms and conditions or EULA or whatever. This variable could be edited to another name with that file ending. The text in the respective agreement file for that language then gets shown in the License agreement Dialog. If no file with that name is added for a specific language, then default language file (e.g. English) is shown.

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Can you please explain this in details?
I have tried to put 2 different files in the installation folder, but still only english is shown.
These files are:
agreement_ba.txt (license agreement in Bosnian)
agreement_en.txt (license agreement in English)
Thanks in advance!
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Please note that most licenses are only valid in the original language, usually English, anyway.
Examples are GNU GPL or zlib/libpng license.
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