- Windows 10 1511 - Operating system not supported.

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I've used this install creator for a while now, and it worked quite well with Windows 7, but it doesn't seem to work with Windows 10. I tried the advice posted in an earlier thread- enable Server 2008 and Windows 8- but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Could this be a problem with Windows 10 1511?

I'm running Windows 10 x64 November Update (1511 or 10586 depending on how you count it) on both my development machine and my test VM. It builds fine, but will not install, giving me an "Your operating system is not supported" error.

Compatibility mode and running as administrator has no effect. I do not have a pre-1511 Windows 10 install to test. Oddly, an older installer built on Windows 7 with a previous version of InstallForge seems to work fine.

I can provide the installers in question as well as the ifp files, but I would prefer to do so privately. I will do some investigation on the differences between the installers as well.

EDIT: I investigated the difference between installers and found that choosing the "Use ZIP File" option under Files causes the installer to break in this manner and adding individual files and folders results in a working installer. I find it very odd that it fails in this way. When I have access to a Windows 7 machine, I will test and see if the incompatible installer is broken in that OS as well or if it is another issue entirely.
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