Polish Language .ifl file (plik .ifl języka polskiego)

Marcin Pawłowski
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Hallo everyone whom use InstallForge.

At the begining i want to say, that InstallForge is very easy and useful tool for developers. InstallForge team performs very goooood job!

I'm living in Poland and I am amateur developer programming in Visual Basic. I am using Visual Studio Express edition which have setup compilator, but its options are not much excessive.

So... I started to use this cool tool, called InstallForge. After installation on my PC i recognized that no polish language is available for setup creation.

Heading forward to polish developers (and from other countries whom want to use polish) I created .ifl file which contains polish language headrers, button labels and text informations.

This file is available at this location: See attachment!. (Edited by Administrator)

Please enjoy polish language now in InstallForge.

See You and good luck!
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Hello Marcin,
thank you very much for your translation.

Kind regards
Best regards,