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Hello InstallForge users,
we are pleased to announce the release of InstallForge 1.3 with several changes and new goodies. The most remarkable feature of the new release is the official support of the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 operating systems. We also added an option allowing you to disable the os-version check routine of your setup files.
When running on Windows versions newer than Windows Vista, setups created with InstallForge version 1.3 will display the current installation progress on the taskbar as illustrated in the screenshot below.

The features described above are just a few of all new features available in version 1.3! For further information please refer to the bottom of this post.

Please note that project files created with previous versions of InstallForge are not compatible with version 1.3.

In order to get the new update visit the InstallForge download page or start the integrated online update tool.
  • support for Windows 10 and Window Server 2016
  • InstallForge setups now display the installation progress on the taskbar (only on Windows versions newer than Windows Vista)
  • added option allowing users to disable the os-version check routine
  • added check routine for InstallForge project files of different versions
  • shortcut icons can be altered as of now
  • command line arguments can be passed when starting programs after finishing setups
  • when adding registry entries or variables, the value name field can be left empty
  • changed format of project files (content of project files is in pure ASCII format as of now)
  • integrated web help in InstallForge environment
  • fixed bug when loading project files with license texts
  • fixed crash bug when compiling projects with license texts
  • removed "Import Language.." from InstallForge environment menu
  • GUI fixes within the InstallForge environment
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