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Configuration-problem with Updater

Posted: 09 Oct 2014, 13:22
by ottowilli
Hi, I had configurate the Update service for my own programm like the tutorial told me to do this,
but now when I try to start an Update the client connects successfully with the Update-Server (Dropbox in my case),
but then it says that there is no Update, but there is and update and I had configurate the updatescript.ini like I understood it in the tutorial.

The programm itself is configurated for VirtualUpdateExpress, too, (means version, URL...).
The URL is the folder where updatescript.ini and the folder "Upldates" with the updatefiles are located on Dropbox.

So my updatescript.ini looks like:



DownloadFile:Update.exe, Desktop

Maybe anyone have experience with Virtual Update Express and could help me?
(Sorry if my English isnĀ“t the best)