Prevent InstallForge from adding sub-folders to the selected installation path

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I have an issue that I am not able to solve.

When allowing the user to select an installation path, the setup automatically appends sub-folders to the selected path. How can I stop that ?

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I'm too are interested in a solution to this.
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Hi all,
similar problem:
Installation path problem: wrong path is constructed!

The default installtion path is set to

Installation path = <LocalApplicationData>\<AppName>

which works fine.

If the user changes the default value and chooses a path from the seelection window, then instead of :

Installation path = <chosen path>

the following path is taken

Installation path = <chosen path>\<AppName>

which is not intended. In case of updates this leads to errors!

What can I do?
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you are right. This is actually a feature, which however can lead to an undesired behaviour according to your use case. We will think about a clean solution and integrate it into the next release.
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Hey guys,

does anybody if there will be a solution for this? It's a kind of show stopper for us :-(

Would be great to get some help.

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