[FALSE-POSITIVE] python urllib windows error

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First of all, thank you for this software that I just got to know and it's great.

I have a program created with python and its executable, working correctly, but when I create the installer, when I turn it on for the first time it works correctly, but when I run it again, it has a problem, in the program I use a download of a file via web with urllib (imported in python) and there it gives me the problem when connecting to download and without the installer it works well, could you help me to know why?
I have tried other functions and everything is fine, the problem is when downloading the file, I have also tried in windows without the firewall activated and adding it as an exception, but nothing.

Thanks in advance.

And excuse my English, to write all this I use the translator.
All the best.
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you are welcome! To be honest, I do not think that your issue is related to InstallForge. Maybe you will find help in the Python forums.
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