Feature Request: Better 64 bit support

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My apps are switching all to 64 bit, the current default for the 21st century.

On Windows, the default place for 64 bit apps is in the environment var "ProgramFiles" (usually "C:\Program Files" but can be anything as "F:\Program Files") and the 32bit is in the env var "ProgramFiles(x86)" ("C:\Program Files (x86)").

If I understand correctly, the macro <ProgramFilesX64> expands to a constant "C:\Program Files" and <ProgramFiles> sadly is also hardcoded as "C:\Program Files (x86)".

So 3 things:

1. Please create a macro <ProgramFilesX86> to be used by people needing explicit 32bit support. Initially, <ProgramFiles> = <ProgramFilesX86>, assuming the same value, while in the transition of the 32bit legacy.

2. Make those macros (<ProgramFilesX86> and <ProgramFilesX64>) clever, assuming the environment variables "ProgramFiles(x86)" and "ProgramFiles" values, only defaulting to the hardcoded usual constants if those vars are not found or their values has less than 3 chars (something bellow "X:\" does not make sense). Being hardcoded can lead to problems to those "1% unusual systems".

3. Make the <ProgramFiles> value being a chosen and persistent setting, so people could change the preference from <ProgramFiles> = <ProgramFilesX86> to <ProgramFiles> = <ProgramFilesX64> (my need)

Thanks. Rick.A
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