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I would need help on how to set up multiple directories. I have a program that goes into the Program Files\.... directory but yet another whole folder that the program needs must also be located in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming

Also, I wonder what I should type instead of a specific user's name? In each system there is a different user name i.e. I need the directory to copy to AppData\Roaming.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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This is not directly possible with InstallForge. However, you could use the Custom Commands function: ... indows-cli

Say, you want to install folder ABC into another location. Then I would just add ABC as a regular folder in InstallForge. This folder would be installed into the application installation folder first (which is what we do not want), but could then be moved from there into another location using a Custom Command, which calls the shell command move of Windows.

Does that make sense for you?
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As my knowledge
Use environment variables:
For Program Files use %ProgramFiles%.
For user roaming data: %APPDATA%\ (backslash after APPDATA is important).
Example path: %ProgramFiles%\...\MyProgramData and %APPDATA%\MyProgramData.
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