1. Configurating VUE in InstallForge

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Thanks to the integration of Visual Update Express into InstallForge it is possible to create your update package directly within the InstallForge environment. When building your setup with IF your update instance will be added to the setup package.

1. Product Name

This field specifies the name of your product which will displayed in the update user interface.

2. Update Address

These three fields specify URLs Visual Update Express will use to download the script file and updates for your software. You are able to define two alternative addresses. Note that the URLs do not specify your script file but the path your script file and updates are located in (e.g. http://www.[...].com/MyProductUpdates/)

3. Current Product Version

This field takes the current version of your product you ship together with the update package. This version (defined as a string) will be used by Visual Update Express in order to determine whether a new version of your software is available or not.

4. Language

The language you want to be used by your update package. The express version does not allow you to change the language of your update system once it has been generated.

5. Program File

Use this field to specify the main executable of your software. Visual Update Express can use this information to terminate (6) your program before updating and restarting (6) it again when an update progress is finished.

6. Run Program / Terminate Process

These options will make your update system terminate your program before starting an update and restarting your software after updating.

7. Update File Name

This field specifies the file name of your update instance.