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    Info This article only applies to InstallForge version 1.3.2 or earlier.


    Since version 1.2.3 InstallForge allows you to define custom variables that can be used for other parameters your setup needs. InstallForge will use the Windows registry in order to set the values of your variables.

    Create a New Variable

    To create a new setup variable click on the “Add…” button in the “Variables” section as displayed below.

    Specify Variable Details

    In the next step you have to define the name of your variable, parameters for the windows registry and a default value. If the setup is not able to find the value name you specified for the registry, it will use the default value. Finally click on “Ok” in order to create your variable.

    Example of Usage

    Now you are ready to use your variable (e.g. for the default installation path of your setup as indicated in the picture below).

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