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    InstallForge supports various predefined constants enclosed in < > characters. These constants are validated by the native setup engine during runtime and can be used to increase the fexbility of your setup packages.

    Info All predefined constant names are case-insensitive.

    The constants are divided into the following two groups:

    Setup Constants

    Setup constants contain specific information provided by the user when creating a setup package as well as data entered by the user when running a setup.

    Info One exception is the <InstallPath> constant which contains the installation path selected by the user on the Select Application Folder dialog of the setup. This constant belongs to the Path Constants group.

    Path Constants

    Path constants can be used to determine the path of a Windows special/shell folder on the target machine during runtime.

    Setup Constants

    The following table lists the supported setup constants.

    Path Constants

    The following table lists the supported path constants.

    Info Paths provided by the Path Constants do not include an appending backslash.

    Important Setup packages created with InstallForge usually require administrator privileges. If you remove this configuration and the user running your setup package does not have elevated rights, changes in per-machine folders will not be possible.

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