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InstallForge | The Free Setup Creator for Windows

If you are looking for an efficient and free setup creator, you have just found it. Get rid of script based or other complex and time-consuming installation creators and let InstallForge demonstrate you its performance and unbelievable easiness.

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InstallForge 1.4.4 has just been released addressing issues of version 1.4.3.
Date: 2023-07-19
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Yes, you got it. InstallForge is absolutely free. Our costs are covered by donations.
Our online forums support is also for free. Just register at our forums within few seconds and start getting help.
What others think of InstallForge
InstallForge combines high performance with usability and is therefore our first choice when it comes to creating fast and stable installation packages.
CADVISION Bausoftware GmbH

I have been testing a number of .NET application installers and I am finding that InstallForge is the easiest to use tool of them all with a very high level of efficiency and accuracy.
Black Falcon Software, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the software you guys created! It is really awesome and I can't believe it works better than paid software that attempts to do the same thing!
Adam Roke

A pretty and easy-to-use tool giving software developers the possibility to provide powerful setups.