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Easy to Use

The wizard-driven interface allows you to create your installation packages without any scripting knowledge. All you need to do is to fill out the forms and attach the documents that you want the end-user to read. Building your own installation packages can be achieved with a few clicks only, making InstallForge a superior setup builder.

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Support for a Variety of Windows Versions

InstallForge supports a wide range of Windows versions, including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, with one-click activation of specific target platforms that you want your installation packages to support.

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Multilingual Installation Packages

InstallForge allows you to create multilingual installation packages which enable end-users to choose their preferred language they want to be used during the installation. Also, InstallForge is fully Unicode-compatible and comes with over 15 translations thanks to our great community.

Customizable User Interface

Installation packages created with InstallForge provide a modern, clean graphical user interface being DPI-aware. Modern features of the Windows operating system such as displaying the installation progress on the taskbar button are supported as well. The InstallForge builder environment enables you to change the displayed graphics on the setup dialogs, allowing you to give your installation packages a unique look.

Robust Native Setup Engine

Powered by an own proprietary native setup engine, installations packages created with InstallForge are robust, fast and efficient. They are distributed as single executable files and do not require additional runtime environments. Compared to other setup creators, installation packages built with InstallForge do not leave any junk data on the target machine and thus enable clean installations.

Support for Different Compression Algorithms

One unique feature of InstallForge is the ability to configure different compression algorithms for your own installation packages. Supported algorithms are LZMA, Deflate, bzip2 and BriefLZ. Choose the algorithm that best suits your needs.

Built-In Uninstallation Engine

Use the one-click activation to populate your setups with a powerful uninstaller and give your users the ability to quickly and cleanly uninstall your applications.

Integrated Online Update Module

InstallForge also supports Visual Update Express - a highly flexible update software which you may use in your own projects for free. Eliminate the worries about giving your end users the possibility to keep your products up to date.

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Define Custom Tasks

Defining custom tasks is as simple as demonstrated on the right. Let your installation packages run external applications as well as shell commands during the installation and boost the flexibility of your setups.

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